Don’t Be That Fundraiser

Are you a fundraiser that… Thinks it’s impossible to provide meaningful touches to each and every donor? Avoids donor thank you calls by responding to day old emails instead? Considers social media a fad that has no donor engagement value? Solicits your donors for a second gift before sharing with them the impact of the … Continue reading

Board Members, Events, and Anxiety Attacks

Tell me you don’t have this problem. Your organization’s biggest fundraiser is right around the corner and your board members are sweating bullets because they know you’re going to ask them to invite some people. And in their rule book, friends don’t let friends ask each other to attend fundraising events. So instead of giving … Continue reading

Getting Donors to Meet with You

Asking a donor to meet with you is easy. Getting them to say yes is the hard part. If your donors turn you down over and over agian, you might want to get creative. Instead of giving them a way out, give yourself a way in. Want an example? I thought you might. One of … Continue reading

What Every Good Fundraiser Needs

Do you know what this is? It’s my happy place—a magic drawer stocked with cards for every occasion. And every good fundraiser should have one. Great stewardship means having your donors top of mind. Is it their birthday? Tell them to eat cake. Are they welcoming their first grandbaby? Say congrats! Moving to their dream … Continue reading

Keeping Sponsors Happy

While registering for an upcoming conference this weekend, I noticed something that can drive a sponsor crazy. Like all donor relationships, paying attention to details can be the difference between a one-time gift and long-term giving. As fundraisers, we cringe when we’re notified that we misspelled a donor’s name. We pride ourselves for knowing better. … Continue reading

Event Fundraising No-nos

There are good events and then there are great events. What about bad events? Yes, there are those too, but since I’m a glass-half-full kind of gal, I’d never say an event failed unless somehow the organizers spent more than they raised (biggest fundraising no-no ever). So what types of things make the difference? Here … Continue reading

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I’m thinking it’s time I try this bloggy blog thing. But first, I should try to get a little organized. So in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this little funny.