About Me

Hi, I’m Shanon, born do-gooder and high-fiving fundraiser.

My fundraising superpowers include events, sponsorship, and bringing more awesome to donor experience.

I heart fundraising. Chalk it up to the number of events I’ve managed (hundreds), the amount of sponsorship dollars I’ve raised (millions), and the countless fun and unique strategies I’ve used to bring more joy to donors (never enough).

My blog features posts about event fundraising, corporate sponsorship, donor stewardship, and nonprofit miscellany.

What am I focused on in 2013? A blog redesign and launch of my first ever super cool website. I’m also partnering up with the good folks at 501 Videos and CharityHowTo so I can share more of the hip tips and smarts I’ve learned during my 10 years as a fundraiser. And I’m also working on a top secret project that I plan to launch later this year. Hint: It has to do with one of my favorite things in the whole word—paper goodness!

(What follows is the Holstee Manifesto. It totally floats my boat. Learn more about the two amazing guys who wrote it.)