Coming soon to a ballroom near you

2012. Otherwise known as the year I made that awesome event trailer. Talk about creating a buzz. This little teaser was a big ol’ beehive!

Pretty cool, right? I thought so. And so did other people. Because after we shared it, they shared it. And then this happened:

  1. A record number of first-time guests were buying tickets, hosting tables, and emailing for advice on what to wear.
  2. Companies who declined our sponsorship requests in previous years were eager for our materials.
  3. We hit record attendance weeks before our RSVP deadline.

All because of a trailer? Of course not. But it sure made a difference. Just like a well-made movie trailer, it piqued interest. People were excited, intrigued, and ready to learn more. Is there any other way you’d a like potential donor to feel?

So back to 2013. Is this the year you make an awesome event trailer? Let me know if you do. You know I’m a big fan of sharesies!

High fives and fist bumps to visual media musketeer John Nierras of who knocked this trailer out of the park. He is impossibly talented this one.


What do you think?

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