Many, many, many thanks

ImageEveryone has something they need to hear. For donors, it’s thank you. But let’s say you have one particular donor, a crazy awesome, your generosity is out of the world, kind of supporter. What kind of thank you could you possibly extend that is as delightful as they are? Two words: card shower.

A fundraiser says what? Card shower! It’s a simple idea, a breeze to organize, and high on the gratitude meter. To prove it, I’ll explain it to you in 3 easy steps.

  1. Deliver a blank thank you card to at least 3 people at your organization (the more the better). Think board members, program staff, volunteers, beneficiaries.
  2. Tell them you have a very special donor that makes the world a sunnier place and ask them to write a quick note of personal thanks to that person.
  3. Gather the cards, stuff, address, and stamp the envelopes, and then—here’s the important part—mail them all on the same day. That’s right. The same day!

Fast forward one or two days, your donor opens the mailbox and squeals, What is this? It’s your own personal gratitude party, that’s what!

Like I said, simple, easy, and thoughtful. Shower on my friends!


What do you think?

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