Focus on Fundraising

It’s Monday. Even worse, the Monday after the Superbowl. All those carbs you ate? Still slowing you down. Way down.

But you have a job to do. You’re a fundraiser, a solid one at that, and you have 3 things you need to get done today:

  1. Send a thank you note  to Gary the Donor for increasing his monthly gift
  2. Ask your colleagues to start sleuthing for donor quotes for the annual report
  3. Write the creative brief for that donor video you need to produce

And you have to do these things because you didn’t do them last week. 

But instead, you start your morning attached to your computer screen, scanning emails for something else to do. I’m thirsty. Time for a Starbucks run. On the way back, you stop by your co-worker’s office, who fills you on her children’s weekend shenanigans. Oh yeah, where was I? Checking voicemail (don’t kid yourself, those aren’t calls you’re returning anytime soon.) Staff huddle time, and then the next you know it’s lunch.

How many of us start our days like this? Besides me. That’s right, I’ll admit it. I can make myself look busy and important.

But too busy and too important for donors?

Now you get it (or at least, I hope you do). Every day, your job is to make your donors feel incredibly awesome for their loyalty. And to move the needle on getting potential new donors excited about your work.

Sure there’s the LODO (lights on, doors open) work you have to get done, but don’t confuse that with distractions you’ve created for yourself. Instead, focus on those 3 things you need to do. Gary really wants to hear from you. Donors are waiting to share their story. And that video could inspire hundreds.

Will another empty Starbucks cup do that? You get it. Now go do it!


4 thoughts on “Focus on Fundraising

  1. Nice insight. I wonder what would I think and do if I didn’t turn on the computer first thing (and look at email), but took it off my desk? The hardest part of a task is starting it but once you have begun something it helps drive you forward to complete it.

    Now where is that to do list?

    • Your to do list is probably hanging out with mine, Richard! I wish I was much better at ignoring my electronic devices first thing in the morning. My worst habit is grabbing my iPhone from my night stand after I first wake up. Bad, so bad!

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