Board Members, Events, and Anxiety Attacks

Tell me you don’t have this problem. Your organization’s biggest fundraiser is right around the corner and your board members are sweating bullets because they know you’re going to ask them to invite some people. And in their rule book, friends don’t let friends ask each other to attend fundraising events. So instead of giving your board members anxiety attacks, try this strategy instead.

Let your board members know up front you understand their angst about leaning on friendships. That is why you suggest that they first ask their friends if they are interested in an invite. It’s a simple and thoughtful gesture. Board members can take the opportunity to share their passion for the cause but let their friends decide, under minimal pressure, whether they’d like to be involved. Then, and only then, should they feel comfortable extending invitations.

Voila! No strained friendships and board members stay happy.


One thought on “Board Members, Events, and Anxiety Attacks

  1. Love this! It’s so important to re-frame the way they show up before they invite. I told a group the other night to think about all the times they bought wrapping paper or sausage rolls from the children of their friends or colleagues before they make the ask, wondering if it would make them feel more comfortable. They haven’t given me feedback yet but I will share this idea with them too!

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