Event Fundraising No-nos

There are good events and then there are great events. What about bad events? Yes, there are those too, but since I’m a glass-half-full kind of gal, I’d never say an event failed unless somehow the organizers spent more than they raised (biggest fundraising no-no ever). So what types of things make the difference? Here are a few to consider:

  1. Printing a start and end time on your invitation? Then follow it. A guest should be embarrassed if they arrive 15 minutes into your program. But on the flip side, blame yourself if that same guest leaves before your ask is over because you were too loose with your program timelime and not ending on time.
  2. Is someone likely to cough when they hear your ticket price? Then pick up the tab on their drinks. No one likes to feel nickel and dimed at a charity event. And if they do, don’t expect them to make a generous gift.
  3. Convinced you need a VIP reception at your event? Then hold it on another floor or far enough away from the main foyer area. That way your volunteers won’t ever have to tell an inquiring guest, “Yeah, sorry, this reception is for important donors only. Enjoy the cash bar though!”

Find this post helpful? Excellent! Then I hope you visit again soon. Or better yet, add a comment. I’m eager to hear what no-no you would add to the list.


One thought on “Event Fundraising No-nos

  1. Thanks for writing about how to make people give more at an event. I’ve seen people get nickel and dimed at events that cost $140 to $250 per ticket, and that’s just sad.If you want people to give at your event, then for goodness sake provide higher quality service! And no rubber chicken! But sometimes we are not in control of these decisions, and the bottom line comes from the boss who doesn’t think about these things.for some events though, the cost is picked up by the company. So people haven’t even paid to get in, really. and yet. And yet. They still feel that they deserve $250/service. So why not give it to them, get them coming back more and more?Mazarine

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